Thursday, December 01, 2005


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This blog exists to make public my posts to a Mountain View neighborhood mailing list about concerns I have regarding Google's offer to build a free city-wide wireless network. The city staff report on their proposal is available. My initial comments were made based on the city staff report and its content, not based on any other articles.

For the record, I believe that Mountain View should move forward with the agreement at this time. However, I do hope the issues raised are considered.

I am posting messages that contain primarily my original content, or my replies to others. I am doing this to give those who are not subscribers of the mailing list an opportunity to read the entirety of what I have written and my responses. There has been additional discussion coming from others that I have not directly participated in and I'm not reposting that. While I do know that my words have been forwarded on to others outside of the local mailing list, I do not feel it is necessary to do this for discussions I haven't directly been a part of.

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