Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Council Accepts plan

According to this article by Renee Koury (BugMeNot),the city council unanimously accepted Google's offer.

I do find it unfortunate that the council considers the privacy implications of their offer outside of their purview. Analysis from the article includes the following:
  • City leaders say [privacy concerns are] beyond their realm; their involvement is limited to letting Google rent the city's street lamps for $12,600 a year to place transmitters.
According to the staff report Google will be offering library access in the near term and negoitate on public safety services in the future. Perhaps the privacy concerns are in the purview of the library? In that case we must hope that what Google offers is acceptable to them, otherwise one of the benefits of the agreement is moot.
  • People who don't want to use the Google network system can simply opt out; users will have to take the initiative to log on.
That's not an acceptable scapegoat for something billed as a solution for closing the digital divide.

I haven't yet seen any other original reporting on the meeting besides a few notes from community members who attended it last night. If you see other articles out there, please respond in the comments.


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